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Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing now covers a very wide range of services, so much so that each field boasts many talented specialists...

Also known as online marketing or web marketing, Internet Marketing includes but is not limited to the following - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Google AdWords, Social Media Optimisation (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Each form of internet marketing requires a different strategy to achieve the best results and not all businesses are suited to all the options out there.

The Best Decision For Your Business!

Bliss SEO take a consultative approach, first we take a detailed brief - What are the objectives? Is there specific products to push? What products or services yield a higher return? Do we need to cover seasonality? Once we have the answer to these and other questions we outline a strategy that encompasses all available options. From there we work with our clients to put a strategy in place that suits their needs and budget.


Australia online


At the turn of the century the internet became much more common within our homes, today somewhere between 17 to 18 million of us are connected. When you consider the two most visited sites online are Google and Facebook, it’s not hard to grasp just how powerful these sites are as marketing tools for any business.

The reach of Facebook


As of late 2012 there were around 11.5 million Australians with a Facebook account, approximately 55% of the population making it a marketing powerhouse. The advantage of Facebook as an advertising platform is your ads are only shown to those who meet your demographic selections, or those who have interests that match your product or service.